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Q: What do I need when I go to the lot to fill out an application?

A: Driver’s license or State ID, a recent pay stub, proof of checking account, two pieces of mail with your name and address dated within 30 days, 5 references and your down payment.

Q: What does Quick Auto look for in order to get approved?

A: A full-time verifiable job, at least 2 years of residence time.

Q. What if I've had a bankruptcy?

A. We are able to assist individuals who have started the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process.

Q: Who does Quick Auto's financing?

A: Local Banks and Credit Unions along with Regional and National Lenders.

Q: Do the Finance companies report to the Credit Bureaus?

A: Yes, finance companies want to help you establish or reestablish your credit.

Q: What is an average down payment?

A: The average down payment is between $600 - $800, however good qualifying customers qualify for no money down.

Q: Do the vehicles come with a warranty?

A: All vehicles have protection plans available.

Q: How long does the process take?

A: With all proper documents provided, you could be driving in less than an hour.


*Ohio Residents Only - Heritage Acceptance Corporation
d/b/a Landmark Acceptance Corporation


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